Leaving a legacy is so much more than getting a present– it’s a long lasting reminder of your dedication to a cause that is close to your heart. So close, that you decided to make precisely what will be your final present to the organisation. This blog not-for-profit consultants offers quite a bit more information on the main topics prospect research.

A recent survey appointed by the charity consortium Remember A charity discovered that 17% of respondents had actually included presents to charitable organization in their wills, up from 14% in 2013. But the potential for heritage giving is even bigger. Research suggests that by boosting charity wills country wide by just 1%, a further £ 70 million in legacies could be made every year.

It seems apparent then, that charities and not-for-profits should invest time and energy in the advancement of robust, thoughtful and interesting legacy programmes. Unfortunately, whether as a result of the fear of talking about the ‘taboo’ subject of death, or focus being directed on various other funding streams, too many organisations install poorly delivered, unexciting heritage programmes, if indeed, they have one at all.